Basic How-to Outline


Site: attractive, accessible, central, of optimum size
Public and Private constituencies sharing common objectives
Professional Master Plan and Financial Feasibility Study
Community acceptance
Commitment of Public-Private Partners
Public-Private Delivery System
Long-term horizon: to ride out market cycles
  • Master Plan large enough to define an entire area environment
  • Start with a single, small project
  • Work up to a Critical Mass
  • Create a water plan within the Master Plan
  • Periodic submission to the citizens via referendum or a similar tests
  • Continuing flexibility to adapt Master Plan to changing conditions
  • Legal authority to adopt permanent, area-wide standards and controls
  • Continuing promotion: >> make news rather than buying advertising,
    >> avoiding hype by letting facts speak for themselves
  • Generate pride in citizens by honoring local culture, family-friendly design,
    perception of public ownership
  • Creative financing
  • The right person at the right time
  • Require excellence of design quality: spaces, massing, architecture, materials
  • Public access to water's edge